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The Smart Health Clinic
Welcomes You

Smart Health Medical Clinic is a Mexican-based healthcare company founded in October 2022 with a mission of promoting the basics of preventive medicine and form healthy lifestyle habits in patients. Preventive medicine has been successfully employed for decades for treatment of various diseases. Having embraced medical experience and the most efficient and innovative technologies in preventive medicine we implemented it into real clinical practice which increased the efficiency and safety of medical care.


We are focused on preserving and maintaining the health of our patients. We guarantee the use of the most effective, up-to-date and safe methods of treatment and prevention, compliance with high moral and ethical standards and confidentiality of treatment.


The strength of our team lies in professionalism, continuous development, mutual assistance and respect for everyone's work. Our specialists take personal and professional responsibility for the result of treatment.


Zukhra Galimova
Medical Director & Chief Physician
Smart Health Clinic

No. de cédula 14264168

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