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The term "Anti-aging" refers to a whole range of procedures designed to rejuvenate a person. This may include cosmetic manipulations, proper nutrition, sports, and even psychological training. That is, anti–aging medicine is everything that allows you to maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance for many years.

What is real Anti-age therapy?

Real anti-aging medicine does not focus only on the appearance of a person, but is primarily aimed at eliminating problems inside the body. With its help, it is possible to optimize and adjust the functioning of various organs and their systems. 

As a result of proper exposure , the following effects are achieved:

1. Life expectancy increases, which is ensured by the elimination of a whole set of negative factors (including lifestyle disorders, lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, genetic predisposition to various diseases, hormonal imbalance, etc.)

2. The quality of life increases (in physical, psychological, sexual and other aspects).

In our clinic, anti-aging therapy is carried out on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the patient's condition and information about possible prospects. It is aimed at preventing the occurrence of various problems in the future and eliminating external signs in the present. Each of our patients is offered personalized programs based on the patient's medical history (history of his disease) and his current condition.

How can you achieve a real Anti-age effect?

There are a number of universal techniques that are suitable for almost everyone and show fairly good results in eliminating the most common signs of aging. Most often, the comprehensive anti-aging medicine program includes the following procedures:

  • Detoxification. Most anti-aging medicine programs are based on detoxification. In the modern world, various toxins continuously affect a person, gradually poisoning his health and life. Special nutrition regimes, drainage procedures, medicines and natural remedies have been developed for their removal;

  • Plasmolifting. Plasmolifting is a new technique of anti–aging medicine based on the introduction of plasma enriched with platelets. Plasma itself is a carrier of proteins, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and other active substances that promote rejuvenation. Coming under the skin in a concentrated form, it initiates an increase in metabolic processes. Collagen and hyaluronic acid begin to be produced in large quantities. The division of epidermal cells is significantly accelerated. This procedure is suitable for those who want to get rid of scars, acne, increase skin elasticity or restore it after other cosmetic manipulations;

  • Peptidotherapy. Peptides are chains of amino acids that cause an increase in the life span of the body's cells. The introduction of such funds helps to increase the life resource of human tissues;

  • Dietary supplements. Biologically active additives can significantly reduce the risk of the appearance and development of a number of pathologies. Their effectiveness is based on an optimal combination of certain vitamins, minerals and active substances;

  • Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is a rather controversial procedure based on the use of reactive oxygen species – ozone. It is believed that it has a detoxifying effect, therefore it improves the activity of the immune and circulatory systems. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that ozone itself is the strongest oxidant (oxidant), and most anti-aging medicine procedures are aimed precisely at overcoming oxidative stress that occurs in the human body;

  • Diet. With the help of genetic diagnostics, it is possible to develop a special nutrition system aimed at normalizing the total weight and preventing various deviations that may appear when taking unsuitable foods to the body.

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