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Program description

The main causes of the development of chronic fatigue syndrome include a number of different factors:

  • Bacterial, viral and fungal infections that significantly undermine the body's strength and disrupt metabolic processes.

  • Stress, psychoemotional loads that have an extremely negative effect on the mechanism of accumulation and release of energy in the body.

  • Lack of micro- and macronutrients. Metabolic disorders of magnesium, phosphorus and excessive accumulation of heavy metals (aluminum, mercury and others) in the body.

Other causes include: allergic reactions, immunosuppression, autoimmune diseases, blood transfusion, physical and emotional trauma, poisoning with mold, pesticides and other toxins, steroid use, anesthesia, etc.


The Anti-fatigue program is aimed at eliminating factors causing fatigue.

The Anti-fatigue program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation.

  • Complex of highly effective substances for infusion therapy (droppers).

  • Red light therapy.



  • Blood tests.


 The procedures included in the Anti-fatigue program are carried out on outpatient basis with daily visit.

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