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General Consultation

A general consultation is the first step to addressing health concerns. During a general consultation, our doctor will listen to you, hear your concerns and advise you on all of your treatment options.

What is included in the initial consultation:


  • Comprehensive evaluation. We will talk with you about your condition, complaints, lifestyle, medical history. We will conduct a physical examination if needed. You will be given doctor's recommendations during your evaluation.

  • Lab test decoding.

  • Imaging test decoding.

To make our services even more convenient, we offer a telephone consultation service. If you’re concerned about your health for any reason and cannot make it to the practice, simply give us a call to book a telephonic consultation.

Gynaecological Consultation

The gynaecological consultation includes an in-depth conversation with the patient, after which additional tests can be prescribed, including ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and a cervical screening test.

What is included in the initial consultation:

  • Consultation with a gynecologist.

  • Examination in a gynecological chair.

  • Palpation of the mammary glands.

  • The Schiller (lugol) iodine test (free of charge, is performed as part of cervical cancer awareness program).

  • Smear taking.

  • Recommendations.

  • Treatment plan.

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