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Program description

Our body can independently get rid of harmful substances. But sometimes internal resources are not enough for this. In such situations, detox therapy comes to the rescue.

In the case when the body cannot cope with the elimination of toxins on its own, auxiliary methods are used that activate natural processes.


Detox is the process of cleansing the body of toxins and accumulated metabolic products. It can be natural or artificial (medical).


Natural detoxification is provided by the work of the intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, as well as blood and lymph. The human body can independently cope with the elimination of toxins. It contains mechanisms for maintaining a healthy balance and cleansing from harmful chemicals.


But natural detoxification mechanisms often cannot fully perform the functions inherent in nature. Sedentary lifestyle, insufficient water consumption lead to stagnation of lymph and blood, which means that it makes it difficult to deliver exchange products to the places of their disposal.


Exogenous (external) toxins are found in food (pesticides, herbicides, nitrates), cosmetics and perfumes (sulfates, parabens), in plastic products (bisphenol A, phthalates). In addition, thousands of other harmful substances are contained in the air, household chemicals, furniture, building materials.


In the case when the body cannot cope with the elimination of toxins on its own, auxiliary methods that activate natural processes come to the rescue.


Artificial (medical) detoxification is the observance of a diet, the addition of special products or medicines to the diet, with the help of which the doctor compensates for the diagnosed deficiency of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, medical detoxification includes procedures that help the body improve performance and get rid of harmful substances.


The methods included in the Detox program are aimed at maintaining the natural mechanisms of detoxification of the body. By restoring the normal functioning of organs and systems, we restore the body's ability to neutralize and remove harmful substances from the body.


Proper detoxification helps to achieve several goals:

  • it supports and improves your liver function. Liver is the main filter that neutralizes and disposes of metabolic products, drug residues, heavy metals, exhaust gases, resins, pesticides;

  • it improves the outflow of bile, which is involved in the digestion of fats, helps the body to absorb vitamins and regulates the work of the intestine;

  • it normalizes intestinal motility to reduce the amount of toxins and decay products formed;

  • it supports kidney function for uninterrupted excretion of toxins in the urine.

The Detox program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation.

  • Complex of highly effective substances for infusion therapy (droppers).

  • Red light therapy.

  • Ozone IV therapy.



  • Blood tests.


The procedures included in the Detox program are carried out on outpatient basis with daily visit.

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