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Program description

A personalized approach is the basis of all our programs.


Our programs are based on outpatient treatment. 

Outpatient treatment programs take into account individual characteristics, combine non-drug treatment methods and evidence-based medicine into a single whole, forming the optimal composition of therapeutic measures.

Advantages of outpatient treatment:

  • The patient can combine treatment and their daily activities;

  • The cost of outpatient treatment is significantly lower than inpatient;

  • The risk of infection in the outpatient clinic is much lower than in the hospital.

The program can be designed for various durations - from several days (for example, for diagnostics, check-up programs or "second opinion") to several weeks and months. Outpatient programs are also designed for crisis conditions prevention, for cases when there are no indications for inpatient treatment, and for post-hospital treatment and rehabilitation.


Our outpatient clinic provides comfortable rooms for individual and family treatment.

The personalized program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation;

  • Individual treatment plan;

  • Comprehensive range of treatments and therapies.



  • Lab tests. A group of tests can be used to diagnose specific problems or genetic conditions. 

  • Imaging tests.

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