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Post-COVID (and other viral diseases)

Program description

This program is intended for those who have suffered from COVID and for the treatment of other viral diseases. Post–COVID syndrome is a pathological condition after coronavirus, which can be accompanied by various symptoms. Symptoms may include: weakness, insomnia or drowsiness, muscle pain, depressive mood, feeling of lack of air, headaches, thermoregulation disorders, upset stomach, vision impairment, blood pressure, heart rate, intestinal peristalsis, stool changes, decreased immunity, allergic reactions and much more.

The Post-COVID program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation.

  • Complex of highly effective substances for infusion therapy (droppers).

  • Ozone IV therapy.



  • Blood tests. A group of blood tests (Test profiles: Post-COVID syndrome, Recovered from COVID-19 heart risk assestment, liver function test, kidney function test). Other tests can be done to look for specific problems or genetic conditions.


The procedures included in the Post-COVID program are carried out on outpatient basis with daily visit.

Please call for more information or to make an appointment.

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