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Our Methods

Our methods are based on 2 main principles:


  • Patient is considered as a partner in choosing a personalized treatment plan, the purpose of which is to maintain and increase the duration and quality of his life.

  • Evidence-based medicine which means strict compliance with international standards, the effectiveness and safety of the proposed methods.


Our treatment methods are based on non-medicinal and natural methods of healing, confirmed by scientific research.


Thanks to the powerful development of such areas as digital medicine and biotechnology over the past decades, today we are able to prevent a disease at its earliest stage or to suspend/reverse the development of a pathological process. Thanks to the available information about functional molecular and cellular shifts, we were able to monitor physiological and cellular processes, determine the degree of risk, predict the development of diseases and develop a set of predictive measures and new technologies.


All these developments created a new approach to human health which is called personalized medicine. The concept of personalized medicine implies the transition from universal solutions "for everyone" to medical care delivered "personally" taking into account the individual needs of patients. This allows to move away from the model when diagnosis and treatment itself are based on the population averages, and the choice of tactics is limited to the use of pharmacology or surgical intervention.


Combining these two principles, the patient receives high-quality up-to-date treatment that not only prolongs his life, but also improves its quality.


Today modern therapies are aimed at early detection of diseases and their prevention.

Treatment in the later stages of diseases is no longer reduced to surgery or medications. Medicine nowadays has much more to offer, namely, effects at the molecular level aimed at restoring homeostasis and our body's own potential.

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