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How to protect yourself and your loved ones from seasonal infectious diseases?

Prevention of influenza, SARS and coronavirus is a single set of measures aimed at preventing morbidity. The words of Hippocrates are relevant today: "The disease is easier to prevent than to treat." Compliance with preventive measures helps to protect against infection, reduce the risks of large-scale spread of infection, and save people's lives.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the importance of preventing respiratory infections was felt by the whole world. COVID-19 forced humanity to take a fresh look at ways to preserve health. Along with the coronavirus infection are influenza and SARS, which people face in autumn and spring. As practice shows, seasonal diseases sometimes cause no less severe complications than COVID-19. Prevention of influenza and SARS, developed by epidemiologists, helps to protect against infection and its consequences. We will tell you about the features of respiratory viruses, means and methods of protection against infection in our article.

Means for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza

Preventive measures against acute respiratory infections are divided into specific and non-specific. Specific prevention is vaccination. The world is immunizing the population against influenza and coronavirus. There is no vaccine for other viruses, of which medical virology has more than two hundred. Non-specific methods include medical protection of the body, home remedies to strengthen immunity, rules for the prevention of influenza and SARS, recommended by WHO (World Health Organization).

Non-specific prevention

Two types of pharmacological preparations have been developed to prevent influenza and SARS:

• Direct-acting medications. Block enzymes on the surface of the virus. Because of this, the infectious agent loses the ability to reproduce its RNA and proteins.

• Agents that stimulate the production of protective interferons to increase the body's resistance to infections.

The protocol of home prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza includes:

• Correction of nutrition. Products with a high content of ascorbic acid — vegetables, wild berries, fruits, greens - help to stimulate the formation of interferon. Protein serves as the building material for immune cells, so the diet should contain a sufficient amount of meat, fish, dairy products, cereals (millet, oats, buckwheat). The main helper of immunity is vitamin D. It is found in egg yolk, seaweed, cod liver.

• Hardening, physical activity. Hardening procedures are recommended to begin in the summer — before the onset of seasonal epidemics. Sports saturate the blood with oxygen, accelerate hemodynamics, enhance blood supply to organs. This allows you to maintain the functioning of the cells of the immune system for the production of interferons.

• The use of folk remedies. Products with antimicrobial action (garlic, ginger, onion), as well as plants with immunostimulating properties (ginseng root, rosehip, echinacea, sage, melissa) help to protect against seasonal diseases.

To prevent ailments, it is important to adhere to a rational work and rest regime. Doctors recommend getting enough sleep, walking daily, avoiding conflict situations that lead to stress, taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Flu and its dangers

In addition to the coronavirus, the most dangerous causative agent of acute infections is considered to be the influenza virus. It differs from its respiratory "relatives" by its high virulence — the ability to spread quickly through the body, cause severe complications — up to lethality. The risk group includes elderly people, young children, patients with chronic cardiological and pulmonological pathologies.

The influenza virus provokes infectious and inflammatory diseases of the heart, nervous system, and brain. With a heavy viral load, intoxication develops rapidly, the permeability of the vascular walls increases, hemodynamics is disrupted, the lungs lose their ability to absorb oxygen, respiratory failure occurs, threatening fatal outcome. The most effective prevention of influenza is the introduction of an anti—influenza vaccine before the start of the epidemic season. Children are vaccinated from the age of 6 months.

Vitamins to strengthen the immune system

To determine which vitamins the body lacks, special blood tests help. The main marker of the stable work of immunity is considered to be normal indicators of vitamin-hormone D. It enters the body with food, is synthesized by skin cells under the influence of sunlight. To prevent respiratory diseases, the immune system also needs B vitamins, ascorbic acid, fat-soluble vitamins A, E.

Products containing vitamins for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza:

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C):


bulgarian pepper





B vitamins:







Tocopherol (E):

sea buckthorn





vegetable oils

Retinol (A):


green onions





Replenishing the vitamin reserve only with the help of nutrition is an impossible task. To maintain the immune system in a state of combat readiness, an additional source is needed — pharmacy vitamin complexes, immunomodulators, drugs to reduce viral load.

In our clinic, we offer you a number of programs that have been developed specifically for the prevention of morbidity and to help your body in the fight against infections of various kinds. Programs such as Detox, Post-COVID, Healthy immune system, Energy booster are aimed at increasing the immune system's resistance to various diseases, maintaining the body in a healthy state and improving overall well-being. The courses are designed for 3-10 days, depending on your condition and doctor's recommendations. Each of them includes mandatory detoxification of the body, preparations for the elimination of toxins and other substances harmful to the body (antioxidants), vitamins, preparations for maintaining cellular immunity, and so on.

What to do with the disease?

Fever, weakness, tickling, lacrimation are early signs of infection. When they appear, it is not recommended to leave the house. Firstly, in order not to spread viruses, and secondly, in order not to worsen well-being. If the temperature is extreme, it is better to call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctor, the sick person should be put to bed, given warm tea (mors). It is advisable to put a medical mask on the patient, allocate him a separate room, dishes, hygiene supplies. To prevent complications, it is important to follow medical prescriptions — take medications, drink a lot of fluids, ventilate the room, eat foods rich in vitamins, phytoncides, protein. In the first days of the disease, it is necessary to observe bed rest. With the flu, physical activity can provoke the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome - an extremely life—threatening condition.

Flu prevention rules

WHO insists on vaccination, especially for the elderly. For the formation of influenza immunity, the body needs 3-5 weeks. Vaccination is recommended to be done in September-October.

In the season of the incidence of influenza and SARS, doctors urge:

• Take care of yourself and others. Do not visit public places unnecessarily. If communication with others is unavoidable, keep your distance. Sneeze gently into pre-prepared paper napkins. Wear medical masks, treat your hands with antiseptic agents, use disposable gloves.

• Observe hygiene. Wash your hands with soap for 20-30 seconds. Do not touch your face with dirty hands.

• Protect your home from viruses. Wipe the food packages brought from the store with sanitizers, ventilate the living rooms more often. Use disinfectants during wet cleaning, treat potentially dangerous surfaces where viruses can accumulate (door handles, taps, switches).

• Help immunity. Add onion, garlic, wild berries, ginger root to the diet. Try to sleep at least 7 hours a day, take vitamins to increase the immune status. In advance, buy drugs for the prevention of viral infections at the pharmacy.

Daily health care will help to survive the epidemic period without negative consequences.

Be healthy!

With love and care for you, your Smart Health Medical.

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