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How to take care of the skin after biorevitalization/mesotherapy?

After biorevitalization complex care is not required. The skin looks fresher, the oval becomes clearer, fine wrinkles are smoothed out. Long preparation is not required, the procedure takes no more than an hour and does not cause painful sensations. There are few contraindications after biorevitalization of the face.


  • blood clotting disorder;

  • acute herpetic infection;

  • partial intolerance to hyaluronic acid;

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;

  • chronic diseases in the acute phase;

  • acute viral diseases;

  • tendency to the appearance of keloid scars.

To notice a pronounced result, you will need to have a few procedures. The rehabilitation period after biorevitalization of a person is 1-3 days.

Immediately after the procedure is performed cosmetics with a soothing effect are applied to the face. You can not do a massage, visit a sauna or a steam bath for 7-10 days, as this can lead to the development of complications.

Care after biorevitalization involves the use of sun protection products for 5 days when going outside. It is required to periodically wipe the face with antiseptics. For a while, you need to give up sports to avoid excessive sweating, which will cause irritation.

What is prohibited after biorevitalization of the face?

This procedure is considered one of the safest and most popular in cosmetology. It is aimed at restoring the water balance of the skin. The day after biorevitalization, if the skin is sensitive, redness and swelling may appear – this is a reaction to injections.

What is not allowed after biorevitalization of the face:

  • It is forbidden to touch the face to avoid infection;

  • You can only paint after biorevitalization after complete healing (1-2 days);

  • You can not steam your face;

  • It is necessary to observe the restriction on sports;

  • You can not sunbathe, do peeling or use a scrub;

  • Alcohol should not be consumed.

It is necessary to drink enough water, take anti-inflammatory drugs on the advice of a doctor (according to indications). If there are signs of allergies, you need to consult a doctor.

Solarium after biorevitalization

You should not visit the solarium or sunbathe in the open sun after the procedure. It is desirable to give up tanning for about 1-2 weeks. The healing of punctures due to sun exposure may be slower. To protect the skin from UV exposure, it is recommended to use special sun protection products.

Alcohol after biorevitalization

The use of alcoholic beverages can negate the positive effects of the procedure. Any alcohol, even in small doses, leads to an acceleration of the excretion of fluid from the body. The effect of the procedure because of this will be less pronounced, as the dermis will become dehydrated.

Vasodilation from alcohol consumption can lead to unpredictable consequences. There may be an increase in puffiness. You can drink alcohol no earlier than 4-5 days after biorevitalization. By this time, the swelling will pass and the formations that appeared due to punctures will disappear.

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