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Preventive Health Checkups

Nowadays preventing diseases is an absolute challenge due to unhealthy habits, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. That's why doctors are recommending regular preventative health checkups to diagnose the diseases at the earliest or to prevent the development of illness.

Preventive health checkup today is a necessity due to increasing lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, cancer, and has proven not only to reduce financial stress on individuals in the long run but also to improve the quality of life. The process of going through a preventive health checkup gives you insight into your health and can help you prevent a critical illness or even cure one before it becomes a bigger issue.

A preventive health check-up comprises various tests and diagnoses that help an individual to understand their health at a microscopic level allowing them to make amends in their lifestyle or habits to live a healthy life. Preventive health care allows individuals to understand the potential risks to their health and take preventive measures.

Benefits of Checkups

There are multiple benefits of preventive health check-ups and we have listed a few below:

Evaluation of your health

You can assess your health via a preventive health checkup and make better decisions for your overall health. Preventive health check-ups direct you towards the needed changes in your lifestyle such as dietary changes, lifestyle changes, detection of any allergies or vitamin deficiencies, and more.

Lower medical bills

With preventive health care, you can save money on medical care in the longer run by preventing any major illnesses. Surgical interventions, hospital stay, medications and treatments cost multiple times more.

Prevents future health complications

Preventive health care is essential as it warns individuals of future medical complications in case of any pre-existing disease. Individuals with cardiac ailments, cancers, liver diseases or any other serious complications must use preventive health checkups as a marker to measure their health consistently.

Motivation for an active lifestyle

Individuals who are consistent with their preventive health care are inclined towards keeping themselves in the best shape physically and mentally. A healthy body results in a healthy mind and a preventive health checkup allows you to be motivated in keeping an active lifestyle.

Stay updated with medical technology

A regular preventive healthcare habit will allow you to build a relationship with your doctor and help them understand your medical history while you are updated about the latest medical technologies and treatments for any potential illnesses in the future.

Understand your family medical history

With preventive health care, individuals can understand their family medical history better as it allows them to dig deeper into possible future illnesses such as cancers, heart ailments, auto-immune ailments, and more.

Who Requires Checkups?

Preventive health care is a healthy habit to adopt and must be done by all adults. However, there are some people who require it more than others:


Individuals over the age of 30

If you have crossed the age of 30 you must get in the habit of regular preventive health checkups in order to educate yourself about the potential threats to your health. Regular health checkups will allow you to detect any vitamin deficiencies, keep you motivated to stay fit, and help you in keeping your lipid profile in check.

Individuals suffering from hypertension

In case you suffer from increased BP and hypertension very often it is necessary for you to indulge in preventive health care and go for regular check-ups to keep your heart in great health.

Family medical history

If your family suffers from a long list of medical ailments such as heart issues, cancers of varying degrees, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, or any reproductive health issues it is essential to get yourself checked regularly in order to find the solution for any potential health risks that may arise later in life.

If you work in a high-risk environment

If you are an individual who works in a high-risk industry such as mining, construction, defense, shipping, logistics, truck driving, etc. it is essential for you to keep your health in check in order to stay fit for your job and for your loved ones.

Individuals suffering from Obesity

Individuals who are suffering from obesity must seek help via preventive health checkups which will keep them motivated by showcasing their progress in health and fitness and also improve on the health markers that are not up to the mark. It will provide them with a better insight on the cause of obesity and help them fight it better.

Types of Preventive Health Checkup

There are various kinds of preventive health checkups that individuals can avail to detect potential health risks such as women's health checkup, child health checkup, full body health check-up, cardiac health checkup, etc.  At Smart Health Medical we offer medical checkup programs for ages 18 and up.

Each program includes the necessary minimum for an annual examination, but can be supplemented with additional tests if necessary.

We offer 29 Lab Test Profiles and 13 Checkup Programs for a precise diagnosis formulated by our medical director in compliance with the best medical standards

Medical Checkups

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