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Ingredients: Chaparro Amargo, Clavo, Oregano, Te del Indio, Huereque.


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    This herbal formula has an antiparasitic effect. It is effective in cases of stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and amoebiasis. It is also used to deworm in cases of amoebas, worms, typhoid or salmonella. Safe for children. Thanks to the strong and bitter taste of chaparro amargo, it also gives digestive properties. Clave and oregano which are part of this formula are rich in important nutrients and high in antioxidants. They may help protect against cancer, kill bacteria, may improve liver health. They help to preserve bone mass, regulate your blood sugar levels and treat stomach ulcers. Among other properties: treat yeast infections, improve gut health, relieve pain, natural antibiotic. Huereque herb is used to nourish and cleanse the pancreas. It lowers blood sugar levels, treat diabetes and help with weight loss. Huereque herb also has antimicrobial properties.


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