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Women's Health

Program description

Women's health is the most valuable thing that every representative of the beautiful half of humanity has. The preservation of psychological and physical health is the most important and vital priority for any modern person.


Unfortunately, at any age, a woman is ambushed by various diseases that can not only cause anxiety, but also turn into serious problems affecting the quality of life.

Our women's health programs are aimed at treating a wide range of gynecological diseases, as well as other common ailments that affect not only the general condition, but also the quality of life.

The programs are based on integrative methods of treatment with minimal use of medications.


The Women's health program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of woman's health.

  • Gynecology consultation.

  • Breast examination and palpation.

  • Schiller test.

  • Complex of highly effective substances for infusion therapy (droppers).

  • Physiotherapy on the Lasmik laser complex.

  • Red light therapy.

  • Ozone therapy.



  • Lab tests. A group of tests can be used to diagnose specific problems or genetic conditions. 

  • Imaging tests.

The procedures included in the Women's health program are carried out on outpatient basis with daily visit.

One of the aspects affecting women's health are gynecological diseases that every woman may face. These can be both relatively harmless and serious diseases, the result of which can be the development of severe complications up to oncology and deprivation of the opportunity to become a mother. That is why from an early age every young woman should know about the main aspects of women's health: the normal duration of menstruation, indicators of a healthy hormonal background, pregnancy planning issues, symptoms of gynecological diseases and others.

Gynecology studies not only the features of anatomy, physiology, but also the psyche and psychology of the female body and its influence on them. Its most important tasks are the identification, treatment and prevention of diseases of the reproductive system.


Today, all gynecological diseases are divided into 4 groups:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases in the process of unprotected sexual acts. Many of them can later lead to infertility, which is why it is so important for young women to undergo an annual medical examination and pass all the necessary tests.

  • Inflammatory processes caused by diseases affecting the pelvic organs.

  • Diseases such as endometriosis, neoplasms.

  • Hormonal disruptions leading to endocrine changes, the formation of polyps, cysts, menstrual cycle disorders, inability to conceive a child.

We offer not only the treatment and diagnosis of the above diseases, but also women's health programs aimed at identifying and preventing the development of possible diseases.

The annual medical examination program we offer includes all the necessary tests to check and identify any gynecological problems.

Treatment methods are selected for each woman individually. The choice of the technique depends on various factors, for example, the desire to get pregnant, the presence of concomitant diseases, the age of the patient. We offer the most effective and modern treatment options:


  • application of the laser complex LASMIK;

  • minimally invasive procedures (vaginal plasma therapy, introduction of hyaluronic acid into the vagina);

  • treatment with ozone therapy (intravenously and topically).


At the end of the treatment course, the effectiveness of therapy is monitored and a scheduled consultation with a gynecologist is carried out.


Regular visits to a gynecologist-endocrinologist are also extremely important for maintaining women's health, since it is the endocrine system that affects many processes occurring in the female body. Contacting an experienced specialist should be immediate if the following problems are identified:


  • fluctuations in body weight;

  • hormonal failures;

  • disorders in the reproductive system.

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation is a method of direct delivery of an ozonated solution into the vagina. The effect is local, the procedure is absolutely painless. Ozone has an immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The use of vaginal insufflations of an ozone-oxygen mixture combines high efficiency against the most common pathogens of vaginal infections, while limiting the antibacterial and other drug load on the body. These procedures have both a local sanogenic effect and a general systemic effect on the body. Ozone has an anti-inflammatory effect, is able to cope with any virus, pathological abnormalities in the vaginal microflora. Its use gives a positive result, because antibiotics harm the body and are often unable to cope with bacteria, fungi.

The result can be observed after the fifth session, pain, itching and burning disappear in a woman, secretions are eliminated, the whole body is restored. The procedure helps to recover quickly after surgery, protects the liver and other organs from antibiotics, hormonal drugs. After all, without medications, you can cope with the disease, restore reproductive organs, recover quickly.



• Acute, chronic inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;

• Genital herpes;

• Vaginal candidiasis;

• To preserve pregnancy;

• With early toxicosis;

• Placental insufficiency;

• Oncological tumors of a gynecological nature;

• For prevention purposes after operations.



• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Antiparasitic effect

• Antiviral effect

• Antifungal effect

• Increase of local immunity

• Pain relief

• Infertility treatment (in combination with other procedures)


Before prescribing any treatment, a number of examinations are carried out to choose the right method of therapy, to establish the duration of treatment:

  • Ultrasound examination;

  • Laboratory tests.


An individual technique is selected for each patient:

  • Irrigation with ozone solution;

  • Rectal insufflation;

  • Intravenous drip of active oxygen;

  • Wiping the genitals, tampons with ozonated oil.


If a woman cannot conceive a child due to adhesions and scarring in the pelvic area, it is recommended to use a combined method of ozone therapy. This will restore the woman's reproductive organs, and she will be able to get pregnant.


Ozone Therapy indications in Gynecology

• Acute and chronic nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the female genital area: endometritis, colpitis, salpingoophoritis; sexually transmitted infections — the anti-inflammatory effect of ozone is used, its ability to cause the death of pathological microorganisms;

• Bacterial vaginosis, as its development is caused by a general decrease in immunity, and ozone has a general beneficial effect on the immune system;

• Inflammatory diseases of the genitals — vaginal irrigation with ozonated saline solution is sometimes used in combination with intravenous administration of this solution, as well as subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of the patient's own blood taken from a vein (autohemotherapy);

• Chronic endometritis — intrauterine irrigation with ozonated saline solution is used, in the period of exacerbation or in the presence of any specific infection, irrigation is combined with additional intravenous administration of ozone;

• Fungal lesions of the mucous membranes of the genitals — intra-vaginal irrigation with ozonated saline is used , followed by the use of tampons with ozonated oil;

• Genital herpes — the use of the virologic action of ozone therapy and stimulation of the body's own defenses by improving immunity. If the herpes virus is detected in the genitourinary organs and blood, then complex intravenous and local ozone therapy is performed;

• Atrophic colpitis and vaginitis in post—menopausal women, vulvar kraurosis - vaginal irrigation with ozonated saline solution with applications of ozonated vegetable oil to the vaginal walls and cervix;

• Cervical erosion — local exposure to ozonated oil

Genital herpes

Genital herpes without treatment can lead to serious consequences. It is very difficult to cure the disease, you need to constantly take medications. Ozone therapy not only gets rid of viruses, but also raises the immune system, the protective functions of the body, which contributes to the independent fight against infection. Natural substances gently affect the organs, do not have a toxic effect. The method of treatment will be determined by an experienced specialist, it all depends on the localization and extent of the lesion. Intravenous administration and local therapy are more often recommended. In case of pathological abnormalities in the cervix, erosion, patients are recommended to use ozonated tampons. They need to be put on daily for about two weeks, preferably at night.

The use of Ozone Therapy in Obstetrics

Ozone therapy is often used in the field of obstetrics. Ozone helps to cope with oxygen starvation of the fetus in the womb. It improves blood flow, which helps the flow of useful trace elements to the baby, saturates the blood with oxygen, promotes metabolism in the placenta.

This technique is often used in pregnant women with anemia, ozone promotes the mobility of red blood cells. What protects the mother and child from oxygen deficiency.


This method of treatment is used:

  • For toxicosis of the first trimesters;

  • Fetoplacental insufficiency;

  • If there is an infection in the womb;

  • Premature termination of pregnancy, threat of miscarriage;

  • Excess weight in a pregnant woman;

  • Problems with fetal development.

This method of treatment contributes to the normal course of pregnancy, reduces the risk of losing a child in the early stages, helps active labor. It is often used in modern clinics to preserve the child and preserve the health of the mother. Therefore, such therapy is increasingly used in gynecology. Many experts have proven that ozone improves metabolism in the body, improves its functioning.

Laser Therapy in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Laser physiotherapy is included in the standard of medical care in obstetrics and gynecology. Laser therapy with LASMIC devices is carried out both in inpatient and outpatient settings for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the female genital area.

The LASMIK laser complex has several methods of laser exposure:

  • Through the anterior abdominal wall by IR radiation (contact exposure);

  • Through the vaults of the vagina using optical gynecological attachments;

  • Intravenous laser irradiation of blood.


  • Acute, subacute and chronic bartholinitis

  • Colpitis, cervicitis

  • Salpingoophoritis

  • Vulvar kraurosis, idiopathic neurogenic itching of the vulva

  • Cervical dysplasia

  • Pseudoerosion of the cervix

  • Ovarian hypofunction

  • Menstrual cycle disorders, ovarian dysfunction, algodismenorrhea

  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding

  • Endometriosis

  • Menopause female

  • Some types of infertility

  • Mastopathy

  • Conditions after obstetric and gynecological operations

  • Adhesive disease in the pelvic region

  • Frigidity

  • Preparation for IVF


  • Cracked nipples

  • Lactostasis

  • Hypogalactia

  • Lactation mastitis

  • Toxicosis of pregnant women


  • Fibrocystic mastopathy

  • Uterine fibroids

  • Itching of the vulva on the background of diabetes mellitus, worm infestation

  • Acute bartholinitis in the stage of abscess

  • Suppurated cyst of the bartholin gland

  • Ovarian tumors and cysts

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